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Self Identity - SubSelf

Self identity


the identity of a thing with itself awareness of one's individual identity the conscious recognition 

of the self  as having a unique identity

Identity development as a form of modern product 

are being studied from various perspectives: sociology, phenomenology, semiotics, design 

and various viewpoints which believes that the development process of aesthetic patterns in

certain subculture can actually explain a lot about the process that occurs in such space.

self identity – sub self


  • is a radical and experimental from theory of “SELF”
  • "letting one's sub-personalities speak" 
  • contains a self system & system of interrelations between them

The interaction dynamics between these sub-selves is the crucial factor in a person's complex, 

internal evolving ecology. human experience is viewed as self – subself

Subself: I-It and I-You concept (Martin Buber)

  • I-It relationship : a relationship between a self and a thing or a collection of things
  • I-You relationship : a relationship between a self and another self as a self
  • Two selves may relate in the I-It mode, or in the I-You mode : it is a question of whether the one

self recognizes the other one as a genuine self, equal to itself in reality and integrity; or whether it

merely interprets the other one as a stiff, inanimate portion of the external world.

Self identity - photography

Photo is a foot print, a literally matter of certain moment which was convinced as quintessence of

an event.

This field should be available to stimulate socio-political and cultural memories that occurred 

and provide antidote against the outward satisfaction for the loss of memory and historical 


Photography - subculture

“Subculture is the Meaning of Style” 

subculture provides a sense of individuals who feel neglected by the dominant, which then

delivers and let it develop something, this is the notion of identity itself.

Photography in subculture area could be an alternative that will serve different space, position, 

and portion.


“…photography  is like choosing a biscuits…”

We are trying to put it back in to passionate base for every person to be creative and choosing 

their identity.

We tried to make a picture that is constantly changing, fragmented and biased clearly, 

systematically and according to the instincts of the physical space where my emotions and 

desires is the players.

this group discussion was summarized by Frans Ari Prasetyo. 2010

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