Minggu, 25 Juli 2010


Meet Otsu

Amanda Angela Soenoko

Born in Bandung, 1988

script & actress



Yasmina Dwiariani

Born in Jakarta, 1988

video maker, graphic designer and communication visual analyzer




Unlimited ideas, possibilities, spaces, and the gratitude for uniqueness of a subject become our common-ground to create autodidact artworks in a form of video and photography, under the label meet OtsuOur learning-scape and laboratory is wherever possibilities and ideas could be developed. Both of us become involved with Jendela Ide through events & workshops



Amanda Angela Soenoko became youth coordinator of Modjembe Stomps the Ground by Jendela Ide Sabuga, Bandung ID


Yasmina Dwiariani became official designer for Bandung World Jazz Festival 2009 by Jendela Ide Sabuga, Bandung ID

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